Three Effective Application Methods for Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatic compounds such as plant materials and essential oils have numerous therapeutic effects. In general, these can improve general physical and psychological wellness when administered appropriately. For instance, specific aromatic oils are considered to be effective in inducing sleep, easing headaches, reducing muscle stress, boosting cognitive performance and relieving anxiety. If you are thinking about starting to use aromatherapy products, you should understand the different modes of application. This will help you select the most ideal form of administration for your needs.

Topical Application

The most popular method of application of aromatherapy essential oils is topical administration. Basically, this means that the pertinent product is applied directly on your body surface. Massage therapy is considered to be the best way to experience the effects of aromatic compounds. This mode of application combines touch, pressure and therapeutic oil to induce relaxation. Ideally, the essential oil should be mixed with carrier oils for the best effect on the skin.

Aromatic oils can also be administered topically through lotions, creams and even salves. If you do not have time for a massage session, you can simply mix the product with your plain oil to enjoy the benefits. Alternatively, you should consider adding some aromatherapy compounds into your bath. The combined effect of warm water and the oil will allow your entire body to benefit. Other topical application options include compresses, direct application and chest rubs.

Aerial Diffusion

If you would like to improve your interior space through aromatherapy, you should consider acquiring a diffuser. Basically, this mode of application allows the fragrance to be distributed evenly around the house. Aerial diffusion is an ideal choice if you want to change the character of your space or to cleanse the air by incorporating a different aroma. If you decide to utilise this method, you can choose a cool or warming diffuser. The cool option uses a fan to blow air over a pad which is usually impregnated with essential oil. The warming alternative heats the oil and releases the particles into the air.


You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy through inhalation of the aromatic oils or compounds. This technique of application is designed for expectoration, respiratory disinfection and even decongestion. Moreover, inhaling the products can also have psychological effects such as relieving stress and soothing the mind. You can inhale aromatherapy oil by applying a small quantity on a tissue or handkerchief. Alternatively, add some drops to hot water and cover your head with a towel for steam inhalation.