Expired Makeup Products Are Destroying Your Skin

If you are currently applying makeup products that are well past their expiration dates, stop using them immediately. Don't take expiration dates lightly; it is a dangerous thing to do especially when it comes to things that are applied on the body. The manufacturer of the lipstick you like so much knows that the ingredients of the lipstick won't work after a specified period of time. And not only will the lipstick fail to work, but it will also destroy your skin if you continue to use it after its expiration date.

Health Hazards Associated With Expired Makeup

One problem you are likely to encounter when using expired makeup products is an allergic reaction. If your mascara has expired, it means that the preservatives are not working. This invites bacteria to harbor and feed on the constituents of the product. The breakdown of the product's chemical structure and the presence of bacteria results in allergic reactions, redness and irritation of the skin. And due to the allergy, you may occasionally feel like itching yourself.

Acne and pimples will also develop on your skin if you continue to use expired makeup products.  When the time is up, the constituents of the makeup block the facial pores. And if the pores are blocked, oil and dead skin cells clog up. The lump formed begins to break down and pimples (acne) begin to pop up. So the next time you feel like using an expired face powder or eyeliner, think twice.

How To Tell That A Makeup Has Expired

The obvious sign is the expiration date printed on the container. But other than that, there are other signs that you can look at. According to Julian Reynolds, a beauty makeup artist, some products like mascara produce a chemical smell while other products like lipstick change in texture as well as color. Lipsticks smell waxy and feel dry when they have expired. All products react differently after the expiration date, but a general rule of thumb is to throw out the product if the product looks old, smells funny or if it has changed in color.

If these signs are not there and you seem to have lost the box that contains the expiration date, then try to remember the year and date that you purchased the product. According to Bobbi Brown, a makeup expert, marking the date of purchase is important because you can estimate the time that the product is supposed to last. Products like mascara and liquid foundation, for instance, shouldn't be used for more than three months. Eyeliners and eyebrow pencils shouldn't be used for more than a year while face powders, concealers, and moisturizers need to be replaced after two years.  

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