Tips to Prepping Your Nails for Long Wearing Nail Polish

Just as strategically worn accessories can complement your overall look, so does the right colour nail polish. However, some people may opt to go without nail polish if they do not have time for a manicure appointment as they assume it will never look professional. The trick to nail polish application is taking your time with the process. Whether you are applying multiple coats or a single layer, you need to give your nail polish the right amount of time to dry so that you do not end up with undue smudges or clumps. Here are handy tips you could employ to prep your nails to ensure your polish is long wearing.

Tip 1: Always use nail polish remover

It is prudent to always wipe your nails down with a remover before you begin the application process. Some people may assume that if they did not have any polish on their fingernails that polish remover would be an unnecessary step. The reality is that your nails have their own natural oils, which could end up compromising the consistency of the nail polish.

Tip 2: Buff your nails

Another important step before applying nail polish is to ensure the surface of your nails is as smooth as possible. The best way of doing this is by buffing the surface. Some people assume that if they recently had a manicure, it would not be necessary to buff their nails. Nonetheless, as your nails grow, bumps and lumps can also form on their surface. It would be essential to buff the nail to ensure that you are not susceptible to uneven application.

Tip 3: File your nails

When finished with buffing your nails, you should proceed to file them. If your nails have rough edges, they are prone to be caught in different things, such as fabric or upholstery, and this can cause your nail polish to lift prematurely, while also risking you tearing your nail. A common mistake people make when filing their nails is doing this in a back and forth motion. What this technique does is increase the chances of your nail breaking. The proper way of filing your nails would be to do so in one direction.

Tip 4: Wash and moisture your hands

Once you are done with the buffing and filing, your nails will have some fine nail dust. A mistake some people make is just wiping this away with remover, but this is not effective. Instead, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to eliminate any residue. The cleansing should be followed by some light moisturising to avoid brittle nails.